Sunday, April 27, 2008

Future Daughter-in-law - in Jake's mind

Last week Jacob was bisgusted with girls and getting married someday. This week, he has found the one that he wants to marry. This is Kylie, the girl from across the cul-de-sac. Jacob is obsessed with asking her to play every minute he is outside. He often asks if she can eat dinner at our house or have a sleepover (oh boy, Jesus help me!). Above in the picture we had picked up some chips and cheese from Taco Bell as a snack and he called her over when we got home to share his snack with her- what chivalry! The funny thing is that Jacob tells Kylie that he is going to marry her, and she tells him that she is going to marry Sam (another boy in the neighborhood). It doesn't phase him at all- he retells me this scenario all the time with a big smile on his face as if this is normal and his feelings are not hurt that he is not her first choice, bless his heart.
When we moved here, we were excited that there was a 4 year old girl in the neighborhood for Izzy to play with, but it seems that her and Jake play better together than her and Izzy so it is what it is. We are working on Izzy's social skills some. She wants to be in control and right in people's face with sometimes too much intensity. Her favorite person to play with is Kylie's mom.


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