Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tear jerker

This movie came out the year I graduated High School (1998) and when I saw it back then I thought it was an ok movie with some sad parts. This afternoon on this rainy Sunday afternoon I found it on tv. As Izzy and Andrew napped and Jacob played at a friends house, I decided to get off my feet for a bit, be lazy and watch it. WHOA- I think I cried for half of the movie and I wasn't expecting that.
I think my perspective on life and everything else for that matter changed when I had kids. I think it happens to most women. A movie that I thought was just ok 10 years ago, had pulled out streaming tears. I can't imagine facing some of the issues that this mother faced. If you haven't seen it, you have to.
Check out the clip- it just about put me in a tizzy of hyperventilating.


  1. love this movie!!! always have always will! I think partly b/c of my own mothers cancer diagnosis. she's well and has been for 11 years! yeah!

  2. .....oh, and I'm super glad that you took the chance to get off your feet for awhile.! It's not lazy! you deserve it!!!


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