Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Looking back

How quickly I forget about the LONG winter days and months. Today is suppose to be 80 degrees! We hit the park at 9:45am this morning and got home at 11:45 to get ready for lunch. I was preparing a picnic lunch for us when I started wondering, what did we do all day when we were stuck inside? I am so grateful that it's spring!


  1. You better remember, it going to be winter soon.

  2. I hope the weather stays nice, so we can be outside in a couple weeks!

  3. Hey Steph, One of my favorite things is to click on to your blog and "catch up" with your life...today was the day! I had to go back to future daughter-in-law to be back up with you guys. Here is my review...Jake can't marry anyone....I always watch step mom when I am ready for a good cry...NOW for the ironing....can I give you a suggestion? When doing the laundry immediately get Brenton's out of the dryer and hang...secondly, when it rains make it ironing day....thirdly, only watch tv when you iron....these are all things that I have tried due to Dan's having to wear "dress ironed" clothes every day except Saturday! Now, I set aside one afternoon turn on the tube and iron away and usually I can iron enough for him to have shirts for 2 weeks....then guess what? HE DOESN'T HAVE TO ASK ME!!!! Love you, Michelle

  4. I hear that! We had the 3rd most snowfall ever in the history of Sandpoint, ID. We were running out of places to shovel it.

    Thank God for spring!


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