Saturday, May 10, 2008

Too many cookies?

There is a controversy out there about girls playing with Barbie Dolls. They say that it gives girls a false self image. As I have weighed this topic in my own personal use, I believe it is the world we live in that causes girls to struggle with self image than a actual barbie doll. I have more concerns about my boys in the house. With a high rise of sexual addicts, it worries me more about Jacob taking off Barbie's clothes and laughing at her "butt" or "belly" (what he calls the breast area).

With all of that said, I bought Isabelle 2 Barbies at a garage sale. Someone please explain this to me- How come, I can never get Barbie's clothes to button again. It seems I have the same problem with the Barbies I had as a little girl. The clothes are so tight that, if you try to change clothes between dolls, I can never get them buttoned the way the manufacture did. I end up tearing the fabric, or the buttons fall off. I mean really, it's not as if Barbie gained weight from too many milkshakes, and I didn't shrink her clothes in the wash. Is this a problem for anyone else? Is there a trick to get Barbie dressed?


  1. The new Barbie's figures have changed. After some controversy over Barbie's bust size, they gave her a smaller bustline and I think a bigger waist. The new clothes that were made don't fit the old Barbie's

  2. Nana's right, friend. I have some of my Barbies and their clothes from when I was a kid that Greta plays with. The new Barbies and their clothes are different... smaller bust, bigger waist and hips. I'm thinking about tossing my old ones because it's way too hard to explain to a 3 year old why Barbie can only wear some of the clothes!


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