Saturday, May 10, 2008

Man I love this little booger!

Jacob and Izzy got invited over to a friends house to play on this rainy day. Andrew just woke up and is cuddling on my lap as I type this. I love this little one so much, I love all my kids, Andrew is a daily reminder of God's faithful to me. I don't think many people will ever know how much happiness this boy has brought to our home. In the midst of what was one of the hardest times, so far, in my life- along came this little baby who was a surprise in multiple ways. First, we were not planning on baby #3, and after the shock of having ANOTHER baby faded, we were planning on a little girl, not a boy. Andrew has been a constant reminder of God's goodness to me. First, I prayed for the entire 9 months that he would be calm and easy going. I think God knew I was serious about finding a mental hospital to check myself into if I had an experience like baby #2. Andrew was so calm, so content, so easy going. All I could do was thank Jesus every day and be reminded that I had prayed for this and HE answered! I also didn't experience post partum junk like I had with the other 2, in fact, I pulled myself out of an emotional funk and decided it was time to stop wallowing in self pity and make personal changes. Although Andrew is a bit more opinionated and spunky than he was as an infant, I still look at him and remember that God knew better than I did that I needed him and I LOVE him so much! More on Andrew soon, but he is getting squermish in my lap.


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