Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quiet Strength

I few months back, I was subbing for a teacher in the High School that I worked with during coaching. He is the assistant varsity basketball coach. He left me a book while I was subbing, telling me it was a great book for Christian coaches to read. He was right- it is a great book, but not just for coaches, for anyone that is a leader. Anyone that wants to represent Jesus in all they do, and anyone looking for an example of someone doing it today.

Although, I am a female, I loved this book. I think men would enjoy it even more because it talks a lot of football talk. Dungy is a role model for anyone, but because he is a man, his perspective on marriage, life, JESUS, and living what you preach is incredible. I appreciate a man like him speaking out and being an example to other men. He is in the spotlight constantly, but to him life is so much more than just the NFL, in fact he realizes that it's just football. There is more to life than this, and he is living his life, not just win football games, but to fulfill the purpose of which God has placed him on this earth.

If you are a manager, coach, elder, or in any type of leadership position, I think you should read this book. The copy I had was not mine, but I hope to one day get a copy so I can read it again and underline and make notes in it. It's really good! You can click here and hear from Dungy himself on why he wrote this book. It would be a good Father's day gift for the father that likes to read.

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  1. i got this book for christmas...gonna have to read it now that it has stephy's endorsement!


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