Friday, May 30, 2008

Late night adventrue

**WARNING- graphic details below**
Last night was an adventure! Since Jacob was a baby, whenever he has a cough and is laying down, we know that at some point he will probably cough and gag until he finally throws up. Last night was one of those nights. I was starting to anticipate that he would soon cough enough to bring up his dinner, so I was brining in a towel and going to try and wake him up to move him into the bathroom. When I got in his room and started to pick him up, he coughed and I kid you not, a fire hydrant was opened from his mouth and we couldn't stop it. I have seen several kids throw up as a teacher and a mom, but I have never seen this much or this much force before! To make matters worse, Jacob had Beer Cheese soup at 8:30pm as a treat (weird, I know, but that's what he wanted) so within minutes the entire room reaked of puky cheese soup. I thought Brenton was going to follow suit while we were cleaning up, but we all made it through!
After 30 minutes of getting everyone and every thing cleaned up, we hoped it was the end of the drama for the night. Jacob quickly fell back asleep and no longer was coughing, but just when I was getting ready to go to sleep...Andrew woke up whimpering and crying. No puke from him, but he cried and screamed on and off til about 3am. We walked around, I sang songs, we listened to the shower water run (something that always soothes the kids when they are babies), gave him Tylenol, but nothing worked until Brenton took him to sleep downstairs on the couch. Finally, we could sleep... Nope, then Isabelle came in the room wanting to sleep with me. By this point I was too tired to think about anything except sleeping, so I got up, brought her back to her room, laid down and went to sleep.
We always say that the fun comes with the adventure, but this adventure was no fun at all.

There is a blessing in every situations and thankfully, Brenton was home this morning and I got to sleep in.

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  1. You poor thing! Dealing with sick kids and puke clean up is one thing during the day but at night is just brutal. Moms need sleep too! :) We must have had the same thing because the last night we were in Alaska Adelyn was up for several hours crying regardless that we were holding her and pacing the floors. Then the night we got home I was up and spending my own time puking in the bathroom. Good times. I guess its good we didn't have it til the vacation was over. I can smile about it now since I don't feel sick anymore...I'm sure you can relate.

    We'll have to see you soon!


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