Friday, June 06, 2008

Art Day #1

My neighbor, Megan, was an education major in college. However, she wised up and decided to go to law school after that, but I believe she will always have a little teacher in her. She told me she wanted to do summer art projects with the kids-all of the kids!. She has 2 kids and one on the way the fall. At first, I told her that was a little too ambitious for me (also an education major). But she hit up Michael's and loaded up on tons of art supplies for her kids, my kids and the girl across the street. So, yesterday was our first project-decorating visors. The kids LOVED it! And there was little to no mess and cleanup, which is the reason I hate art, especially glitter- yuk that stuff is a curse. I admit, I did most of the work on Andrew's, but he eventually jumped in at the end to join in on the fun!
Each week we are going to plan a new project, I will keep you posted on what we come up with.
Here are the little artists showing off their work!
Notice the boy to the right of Drew, that's Josh, he is Megan's. He is 3 months younger than Drew! It's a good thing Drew can run fast because Josh could squish him.

Drew finally joining in. Notice everyone else is gone from the table!

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  1. I LOVE that!!!! Can we come to art day??? :)

    miss you Steph! we need to play date soon!


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