Monday, June 09, 2008

I've been thinking

The past week has been busy. Although many of the days were rainy, I had plenty going on. Then today was B..E..Autiful! We walked out into the warm and shinning sun at 8:30am this morning and we just came in now at 8:22pm. Today was a big day for Izzy- she got a bike this weekend at a garage sale (Princess bike-$5) and I got her some training wheels to put on and before I knew it she was off. (Pictures to come soon).

But with everything going on, I have had a few thoughts about life situations...

  • Why does it matter if my kids take their shoes off outside and run around bare foot?
  • Is it park etiquette for someone to bring their dog, tie to a tree, walk away to play with the kids and hope that the dog doesn't bite someone? This happened today- I love dogs, but I felt weird about my kids with their hands all over this random dog with their face in it's face and the owner didn't think anything of it. She said the dog was very nice with kids, and I am sure it is, but what if someone's kid or kids grabbed it the wrong way and was bit, then what? I thought the whole situation was odd- I stuck very close to my kids while they were near the dog, not only for my and my kids sake, but also for the owner and dog.
  • Do all kids whine and complain as much as mine? It feels that every time I ask or tell them to do something, I can immediately expect a whine response and argument about it. I already have the thing I will take away on the tip of my tongue before they can complete their whining sentence.
  • I found a GREAT find at a garage sale this past weekend! A large doll house with all the furniture and dolls and a car for $25.00- hardly played with and my kids are loving it!
  • Where in the world did I lose my sunglasses-AAHHH!
  • Should I let my kids play inside someone's house if I don't know the parents well?
  • Are food preservative the reason my kids act the way they do, or is it just them? Do I need to consider going all natural?
  • When did Izzy get to be so independent of me- today as the kids in the neighborhood were giving away FREE lemonade, (In my time as a child, we always charged for a cup of refreshing cold lemonade, evidently these days it's the cool thing to just give it away) she continued to tell me to go home. She just wanted to be around the other kids without her mom around. I thought I had at least 10 more years before that came into play. To her disappointment I had to stay because Andrew wanted to be apart of the lemonade blessings and I wasn't going leave him there alone.
  • Do I have what it takes to open my own business?
  • How in the world do I have a child with blonde hair and blue eyes? It seems crazy to me! And why does he still only weight 19 pounds (with a full diaper, shoes and clothes on)?
  • It's amazing how warm weather bonds people together. We moved here in November, just as it was getting cold and we didn't really know or talk to anyone in the neighborhood. Now that it's warm we are all out talking and making plans to do things together. Don't get me wrong I love it, it's just too bad that winter is such a bummer and such a major part of the year.

That's all for the thoughts I have right now- they are random, somewhat insane, mostly ADHD, but they are mine and it's all I've got. I wish you all a happy spring!


  1. you've got ME thinking!

  2. Work was super stressful today. I wish I could have still been at your house...maybe I should move in :)


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