Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dog Whisperer

Ceasar Millan is "The Dog Whisperer". Brenton and I are fascinated with his show on the National Geographic channel. Ceasar would say he trains owners and rehabilitates dogs. It's amazing how goes into a home with a viscous dog and when he leaves its as if there was never an issue.

I also like the show because I think some of what he is teaching the owners and dogs can be carried over into the parent child relationship.

Oddly, I think his techniques are rubbing off on Brenton. For some weird reason whenever we go somewhere with dogs, they flock to him. Brenton on the other hand doesn't care much for dogs sitting on him, licking him, or breathing on him. So, I have to laugh that he always ends up with the dog rubbing against his leg til he acknowledges them. He also has the ability to calm the wild hyper dogs down, much like Ceasar does. He's basically copying the same techniques, and it really works! I think Brenton secretly gets a ego boost from the ability to calm the dogs down and I think that's why he has opened up to the idea of adding a little pooch to our family. I thought that conversation would NEVER come up!

If you have cable, try to catch an episode- it's quite entertaining and I know you will get hooked. Plus ladies, he's pretty cute for an old guy!


  1. stephy-

    love ceasar. I've seen many episodes. As a dog owner, I agree many of his techniques work very well. I love that he is the exact opposite of the "treat dogs like people" crowd.

    BTW- if you want to give dog ownership you can have ours for a weekend? How about a week? Maybe a month?

  2. Hey Steph~

    Our neighbors need to give their dog away. She would be perfect for your family! She has her shots and has been spade already too! I am not sure how old she is? I think maybe 6 months?

  3. I've heard about his show, I heard it from a friend from Montreal. She is currently video taping some of the shows for me so i can learn how to train my dog. I have a Timid chihuahua who barks at everyone and is very stressed out.
    I've even received a book from her that I couldn't put down called Tatianna, by Lind Mohr.
    So it wasn't about a dog, but it has relevance. Within the first couple of pages, I knew I would instantly love this book.
    Have you ever read a book that you were interested in the first few lines and enjoyed it afterwards?
    Not too often does a book centered around one specific animal have such a positive impact on the reader as does this book. Nor do many memoirs radiate the intense compassion for not just that one creature, but for all life.


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