Sunday, June 22, 2008

A bit of a downer

As I mentioned below, it is my anniversary so it's a day to be joyous over. However, my husband was asked to preach at another church this morning and is now working the late shift tonight so I'm celebrating alone. Although I know we can celebrate anytime, it still saddens me that today is the day and nothing is different about the feel or flow of the day.
Another bummer is, we have been planning for weeks to pack up the van and make our annual road trip to Michigan to visit some of our dearest friends. We have been going every summer for the past 4 years. The plan was that we would leave when Brenton got home from work at 9:30pm and drive through the night so the kids would sleep then wake up at "Grammy's" house (that's what the kids call her).
BUT because of the $4.00/ gallon gas prices, we had to cancel the trip. We are hoping to go later in the summer after we save up some more money, but for now we are not going. I am so bummed. This is the highlight of our summer. We spend the days laying by the beautiful pool in their back yard and truly REST & REFRESH! I almost feel guilty about the trip because we relax so much. So, if I told any of you that we would be gone this week, plans have changed and we are here to hang out still!


  1. Our anniversary this year was moving day... we ended up driving all night to GA. We still have to celebrate ours. =)

    Hope you guys can have a really fun date night soon to make up for it!

  2. Are you guys coming up to the cabin for the 4th of July? :)


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