Thursday, June 12, 2008


This just might be one of the greatest inventions EVER- I'm serious! The wheel doesn't have much in my world when compared to this. If you have not been educated on the coolness of this yet, here goes. You fill the tube-like handle with whatever dish soap you fancy. Then you just wash your dishes with it and the soap comes through the sponge, leaving all of you dishes nice and clean! It's doesn't scratch your nonstick pans and it doesn't hold the nasty smells like a dish rag. Who really uses dish rags anymore? I always get creeped out with dish rags. I feel really unclean about washing my dirty dishes, table, kids faces and germ invested counter tops all with the same rag. With this, I know that all it's touching is the dishes and when the sponge gets worn out, you just slide it off and put a new one on-CLEVER! I presume that I am saving myself a lot of soap too, since I tend to over do it when it comes to putting soap in the dish before cleaning it. It's not a new product in our home, I've used them since college. I mean, I've replaced them with new ones since then, but you get what I mean. If you don't have one, you must try it!


  1. stephy- i have been told these products hold more bacteria than any other dish washing contraptions...just an fyi!

  2. Jon, why do you have to hate on my favorite products? I am aware of the bacteria that sponges hold, however, since I don't use this on dirty dishes that will be going into the dishwasher anyway I am ok with it. I don't use it on the counter tops or to wash my kids faces or anything else. Plus, it's constantly in contact with bacteria fighting soap, so it has to counter that somehow doesn't it?


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