Thursday, June 12, 2008


I admit, I have always wanted a coach purse and this one is at the top of my list. I know I don't need it, and I think if I ended up buying it, I would start shaking for making such an extravagant purchase. Then I would be overly paranoid about losing it or damaging it. This is why I stick to garage sales and thrift stores- I don't put as much importance or value on the items and am able to give freely anything I have to anyone that needs it. I am hoping and selfishly praying I find one at a garage sale- wouldn't that just be a treasure. For now, I will just browse the Coach web site from time to time and just imagine myself carrying my kid's spare diaper in it. How glamorous!


  1. yes, that is a tasty purse. but a TOTAL waste of money! :) i only buy cheap stuff--i like to change it up too often to have expensive things. wait until your kids can pool their money and get it for you for mother's day (in about 15 years). check craigslist. holla!

  2. Someone gave me a coach purse once for watching their son while they were in the hospital - I totally know why people love them so much now. This one is really cute, too! I don't know if I could buy one for myself, though... at least not with kids still needing to go to college one day.

    But I certainly wouldn't fault you if you did. I just might ask to borrow it, though.=)


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