Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Isn't grilling a man's job?

Before I walked through the isles of Super Target and overfilled up my cart with only a weeks worth of groceries I asked Brenton what he wanted for food for the week. Thinking I would get the typical, "I don't care, how about spaghetti?" I was amazed when he passed over a list of 7 unique and different meal ideas that I had never even cooked before.

For last nights dinner, he wanted chicken kabobs. Being I have never even eaten a chicken kabob I knew nothing about the preparations that go into grilling these. I just figured I would marinate my chicken, cut some veggies and slide them down the skewer. WRONG. I did do all of those things, but I forgot 2 major steps.
1. Marinate all of the vegetables
2. Soak the sticks in water

Not more than 5 minutes after I laid the beautifully patterned kabobs down on the hot grill did I realized I had a problem. The ends of the sticks were beginning to burn and some were igniting. Oops! I ran in the house and was looking for a spray bottle to spray them down with before all of the dinner was destroyed, but I couldn't find one. That just figures too, I pick the dumb thing up and move it from place to place on a daily basis and the one time I actually want it, I can't find it...story of my life.

Anyways, I decided to dip my fingers in a cup of water and touch the ends of the torched skewers with my bare hands, just enough so they didn't start on fire. I must have looked like a crazy woman touching things on a grill with my bare hands. I finally decided that the chicken was cooked enough to not kill any of us, so I took it off the grill thankful that the ordeal was over. In the mean time, I had cut up some potatoes, poured on some EVOO, chopped up some garlic and butter and wrapped them in tin foil. I was thinking this was going to be a delicious addition to the meal. Sadly I was wrong. When we opened them up and started eating, what I was hoping to be delicious tasted exactly like what they were, uncooked potatoes. They were still hard and crunchy, but I will say they had great flavoring. I think my biggest mistake was putting them on the second shelf rather than the bottom and also I had to have the grill open so much to wet the skewers, the surrounding heat was taken away. Plus, a multitude of other issues with them, like when I tried to flip the foil thinking that would help them cook and I accidentally punctured the foil and all the juice leaked out into the grill. Then I tried to flip it back over once I realized how stupid that decision was and punctured it again and a few potatoes fell out this time. Things were not going well.

So, after all of that drama and disappointment, my "win" for the meal (as my husband would say) was that the corn on the cobb was great! I guess that means I am really good at boiling water. Even though the dinner was almost a complete disaster I will not be defeated and I WILL make kabobs again. Thank goodness Brenton has to work tonight, we will be enjoying some simple hamburger helper and canned veggies!


  1. Things always seem to go this way when you want to be adventurous and try a new meal!! I have thinking about kabobs myself - so thanks for the tips - I would not have thought of soaking the sticks. Good luck in future grilling!

  2. love the effort Steph....way to go! Enjoy that hamburger helper tonight. Canned 'french cut' green beans are my fav!

  3. Sometimes great dinner experiments succeed and sometimes they crash and burn. At out house there was the "Bangers and Mash" incident of 04.

    Anyway, I was going to say you can get metal skewers. They cost a little bit more but you can use them over and over and don't have to soak them.

    Also, you can do corn on the cob on the grill. Just soak the whole ear of corn, husk and all, then place them on the grill. Usually a little before the meat. The husk will get all black but the corn is delicious.

    Also, when I cook corn indoors I add some honey to the boiling water which makes them just a little sweeter. They hardly need butter.

    Happy cooking.

  4. Stephanie, you're the best. I loved the whole meal. Especially the resourcefulness of using the blazing hot salsa you made for the marinade. It was good!

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