Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Old Kids and the New kid

When I was little the New Kids on the Block were the band to follow. I remember having a poster up on one of my bedroom walls, I had their cassette tape, and would rock out in my room to Hanging Tough! I probably made several mixed tapes with my favorite NKOTB songs followed by Micheal Jackson's Thriller. Yesterday I heard on the tv that NKOTB are making a comeback and have scheduled a tour that I believe will pass through Minneapolis, maybe this is my chance to see them in person! (Totally kidding, I am NOT going or interested in going).

Its funny how I can remember so much about the NKOTB. These days, and in our house, it's Hannah Montana that the kids talk about. And Isabelle got her first piece of Hannah Montana memorabilia- a purple hat with a picture of Hannah Montana on it. The first 2 days she had it she never took it off, even sleeping in too. It's crazy how kids pick up on the trendy or hip things that are in the world without even being in school with other kids. Thankfully, Izzy's obsessions stops with a little hat. She has no desire to attend a concert or dress like her, but she has told me that she wants to be "in the tv" when she gets older, just like Hannah Montana. A girl can dream!


  1. Oh Izzy - I love how she walks around saying, "Hannah Montaaana"

  2. Friend, as a teeny-bopper I was convinced that I was going to marry Jordan from NKOTB. He was soooo dreamy!

  3. did you know that NKOTB are coming to Mpls????? I think this fall, a gal from my bible study is funny is that???

    hey, we need to plan another play date with roc, you and I.

  4. hey just realized that you mentioned that you know they ARE coming,...oops, I've got to read more carefully! :)

  5. I know you were kidding, but I AM going to NKOTB when they come to Atlanta in October - already have tickets. You can make fun of me, I don't care. =)


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