Sunday, June 22, 2008

Six years later

Today Brenton and I remember that six years ago today we stood in Maple Grove Covenant Church and promised our friends, family and God that we would forever be married. Six seems like such a little number, as if we are still infants when it comes to this marriage thing. But when I think about the journey we have been on in these short six years, it seems more like 16.
I am so thankful that we decided to build our marriage on the rock of Jesus. I believe that it has made the difference in so many situations, arguments, choices, and parenting. I am so thankful that God allowed me to find a man that strives to be more like Jesus everyday even though it's painful, hard, and against the norm. I am so thankful that we have we were blessed with 3 beautiful children in these short six years. I am so thankful that six years ago we said forever because it's going to go fast and I forever doesn't seem long enough!
I love you babe- Happy Anniversary!


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