Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MN summers

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to head up north to the my in-laws cabin. This year I missed out, but I am hoping to talk Brenton into a second trip so I can go too. The first time I went up Brenton and I were only dating. Although I am not much for bugs or "roughing it" the cabin is so great! I can't even complain, it's more of a house than a cabin- running water, electricity, and cable tv. We used to spend days playing games, 4-wheeling, having bonfires, sleeping in, eating, eating, eating and playing more games. It was so restful and fun. Since we've had kids the cabin becomes a little more tricky, a little less restful, but still lots of food and fun. Now it's filled with watching the kids get excited about finding bugs, squirrels (chippy's) and catching fish. They LOVE the cabin! They love to explore, run free, play pin ball, and be with Nana and Papa. And although they add a little more stress and a lot more noise, its so much more fun to watch them learn and explore than I ever thought. I love these pictures that Brenton took, I wish I could have seen it first hand, but I know if we don't make it this year, it will be the highlight next summer.


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