Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deal of the century

You know I love a good deal and I love to share about it even more. I can't hold back any longer on this one. I wanted to wait til I had it all set up with my things, but at the rate I am going I would be waiting til winter. So here it is, my new scrap booking table! I've been scanning Craig's list, garage sales, neighbors garages if they leave them open (just kidding) to find the perfect scrap booking table. Please try to guess how much it was? It is 92 inches long.... 6 deep drawers...custom built for someone...??? Any guess? It was FREE, yes that's right, I said the F word... FREE FREE FREE!

I found it on the Minneapolis Free Market web site. I emailed the woman immediately and ask her to send me a picture of the table that was described. When I saw it, I knew it was the one. Love at first sight. We arranged for me to pick it up and I gave her a goody bag of Tupperware and we called it even. Now, my biggest challenge will be to get my things in it and actually go to the basement and get my scrap on. Anyone want to join me!?


  1. How exciting! Maybe we will have to have a scrap fest - I am trying to finish 4 months worth of Guatemala pictures!

  2. I LOVE it!! I can't wait to see it loaded with scrapbook supplies!

  3. ummm, I'll come!!

    should scrap 'n' crap II be at your place?!?! :)


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