Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Favorites #2

Another household item I can't live without- A plastic bag holder thingy. I don't the official name, but this is one item has brought peace to one spot in my marriage. There were always plastic bags stuffed under the sink or in cabinets. They quickly would take over an area and we would grunt and groan under our breath about them being everywhere. We would save them to wrap up poopy diapers so they didn't smell up the garage. The problem was we were bringing in more bags than we were taking out poopy diapers.

Thankfully, Santa, (my mom) put one in my stocking last Christmas. It was and still is in my top 3 of favorite Christmas gifts, and Brenton and I still comment on how cool it is and how glad we are we have it. If you are not familiar you stuff your plastic bags into the top and as you need them, you can pull them out one by one from the bottom...ingenious!

They have fancier ones than this, but these are cheap and so practical to keeping your kitchen organized.


  1. What is the name, where can I get one?!

  2. YEA a comment from Emily! no I don't know what they are called. I think you can get the fancy ones at Linen's and Things. My mom got mine at a craft fair. If I see one, I will get it for you! Can't wait til tomorrow!


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