Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I don't get it

Jacob is moving into a fun stage. He is being a full blown boy! He laughs uncontrollable at body noises, always want to be involved with a sport of some kind, and watches and acts out Star Wars stuff. Star Wars is something I never understood as a kid, and today nothing has changed. I think it's weird that all these aliens, robots, and people are interacting and having wars. I don't get the connections between the characters, the storyline and I struggle to say their names correctly.

This all surfaced last night when Star Wars (one of the 50) was on tv. Brenton and Jacob were super excited, and I was hoping the channel would change to some home improvement network- fat chance, then I wished my Sudoku book was on my night stand but it wasn't. So, I took one for the team and started asking questions about what was happening. I think I asked the same question in different ways at least 10 times. Brenton was started to raise his voice with each repeated answer and Jacob started jumping it to give the right answer. I seriously think my brain shuts down when it comes to sci-fi movies, I just don't get it.

But it is fun that Brenton and Jacob can get excited about it. It's something that just the guys can do together, talk about and act out with their light sword thingys.


  1. Hahaha! That's too funny!
    I was raised on Star Wars and John Wayne movies :) We used to sit down as a family all the time and watch Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and the Return of the Jedi. I love the older Star Wars and tolerate the new ones. Maybe it’s just something that’s born in you :)

  2. Wyatt is the same way right now - he surprises me with how "boyish" he acts sometimes. It's fun, though.=)

  3. Great effort babe! There is lots of material there to understand. One request: please stop calling him Hannikan.

  4. I love the Star Wars movies and was excited when the kids started to get into them. If you need any tutoring, just ask my boys... they are pretty patient when it comes to explaining Star Wars to 'newbies'!


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