Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm addicted

For a few years I have had friends reading through the Karen Kingsbury, Redemption book series. I never jumped on the train because I had no time for reading with all of my highly intellectual reality tv programs to get in. Since, I have rearranged my priorities and cut out most tv I have more time to read. When my friend Shannon borrowed me the book Redemption I thought it would be something that I read every now and again when I was tired of all my books focused on finding my purpose in life. Why does it take so many to actually get the answer I am looking for? Hmmmm. Anyway, I was wrong, I was addicted after the first chapter. All I wanted to do was read my book and find out what would happen next. I cried my eyes out a couple of times as I got to know the characters and the story line. In some ways I could relate to their story and I felt some of the pain they were experiencing. So Shannon, I need the next book, because I am dying to find out what happens next with the Baxter family.

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