Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mini road trip

On Monday, my mom and I packed up the van to take a day trip to visit my extended family down near Winona, MN. The car ride was a challenge since it's hard to explain how long 2 hours is to kids who have no concept of time, but we made it and once we got there, they had a blast! They spent the day exploring lots of fun new toys, eating pizza and a couple hours, yes hours, of fun on the 3 lane slip'n'slide. Then we packed up again a crossed the border in WI where we stopped in to say hello to my aunt and uncle. Where they live they have a huge garden. The kids got to walk through and pick the veggies and fruit that were ready to eat. There were pea pods, raspberries, cucumbers, beans, and so much more! They also have a train track that literally runs through their back yard and one came barreling through. All the children stopped in amazement at how close they were to a real train. It was so fun. Then we headed back, but not without a stop in Red Wing for some Taco Johns and Dairy Queen treats. It was a really fun adventure with several learning opportunities for all of us.

Wipe Out!


  1. Oh - Drew's wipeout looked painful! Poor guy.

  2. love the slide... looks like fun- minus the wipeout.


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