Monday, July 28, 2008

What if?

That's my dad Ralph, isn't he cute?! As I sat down at the computer today wondered what I could post about, he immediately came to mind. I don't think I have ever posted about him and today I got a phone call from dear old dad with news that I didn't expect. Over the weekend, my parents and there good friends went up towards Duluth, MN for a weekend of golf and relaxing. Evidently, while playing, my dad's ball was close to a cliff. When he went to retrieve it, he lost his balance and fell down a rocky cliff (25 feet), leaving him pretty banged up with some broken bones, bruises and several cuts on his arms and legs.
When he told me on the phone, I was in complete shock and at first, I thought he was joking- he is known to pull fast ones on people every now and again-Must be that Irish- Italian blood. As he was retelling me the accounts of the past couple days, I sat there thinking, what if? What if, he didn't make it? What if he was paralyzed? What if, I didn't get to say I love you? What if...
I am so grateful that he is ok. Despite his growly New York stubbornness, he has the biggest heart for his family. He would do pretty much anything for anyone that he loves. He is generous and giving in so many ways. He was a great ATM machine in highschool as well! :) But the thing that has been so great to watch is his love for his grandchildren. He loves them with every fiber in him. He makes daily drive-bys our house, with the hope of saying hi to the "Moose", "Bear" and "Monkey". He drops of donut holes for the kids because he knows they love them, and he gives them rides around the cul-de-sac in his car as if it was a carnival ride.

Dad, I am so glad that you are ok. I don't know what I would do without you- We all love you very much and appreciate the way you love all of us! Now stop falling off cliffs for goodness sake!!!

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