Friday, August 08, 2008

Another reason to hate the dentist

Jacob had his first dentist appointment yesterday and he was a champ! He was very interested in everything the hygienist was showing him and he did exactly what she asked of him. I was so impressed with her patience and teaching him about everything. I think I learned some things about the dentist I didn't know before. He sat for his xrays and was excited when he left. He was talking all about how fun it was and how at his next appointment he gets to watch a movie. Little does he know, that the next appointment is next week. He has to go back because he had 3 cavities and needs to get them fixed, which as we all know, will require a shot!

All in all it was a great visit. I was feeling really good about it all until...we left, that wrecked the whole positive feeling I was having. As we walk out the door a long garter snake was slithering at us on the sidewalk! YUCK!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!! YUCK!!!!! I hate hate hate hate snakes! That doesn't do justice about how I feel about snakes- I really really loathe them. Just as I was turning the corner with my personal struggles with the dentist, a dumb snake had to come and mess it all up. It's just like Satan too- he, a dumb snake, that messes with us when we start coming around and doing well. YUCK!

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