Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Start acting your age

I sometimes forget that Andrew is only, almost 2. Maybe I am the only mother who struggles with this but I think I jip Andrew and sometimes Isabelle out of going through the appropriate developmental stages. I think I sometimes parent all of the children the same, and instead I need to do some more research and find out what's normal behavior for a 2 year old, verses appropriate behavior for a 5 year old. I think I have tried, very unsuccessfully to parent all the children at the same developmental level. Which means, I have been losing patience or been more stressed out about things because I've expected too much from them. I often feel like I am pulling my hair out becuase Andrew continues to make the same bad choice time and time and time and time again. I beat my head against the wall and start to feel as if I am doing something terribly wrong, when the truth is, he is acting his age. The same goes for Isabelle. She is a bright bright girl. I'm not just bragging on her because she is my only precious, gorgeous, princess daughter. The child could do USA puzzles at age 2 and 100 piece puzzles at 3 and she potty trained herself-I'm telling you, she is a smart cookie. However, because I believe she is more advanced than other children her age academically, I forget that socially and emotionally she is still only 3 and deals with life as most 3 years do.
All of this came about while I was viewing a web site that I like called, MNParents Know. I was reading through what the children can do at different stages and what families can do at different stages. Here is some of the behaviors I should expect from Andrew:

At 2 Years
  • Jump, run and climb stairs
  • Sometimes use 2 word sentences
  • Often do opposite of what's asked
  • Refer to myself by my own name
  • Learn about rules but not able to remember the rules
  • Try new things and explore new places but want to know that you are nearby
  • Show affection by returning a hug or kiss
  • Pretend in my play
my family can At 2 Years
  • Help me learn new words
  • Tell or read me short stories
  • Talk to me about things I do and see
  • Help me learn new words
  • Be calm and comforting after my temper outbursts, I
    need to know that you love me
  • Be consistent with what I can and cannot do
  • Offer lots of choices
  • Watch milk/juice intake, too much can decrease
    appetite for solid foods
  • Encourage water
  • Remember portion sizes as 1 tbsp. per year of age
I think I need to print these lists out and remind myself that he is acting his age.

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  1. I'm with ya. I needed that reminder, too. What a cute pic of Andrew!


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