Saturday, August 02, 2008

Far away family

Brenton has an uncle that currently lives in Japan with his family. They have been visiting for the past 2 weeks and we have been able to get together a couple times to see them. They come to visit every couple years, and they last time they were here, was just before I had Andrew, so this was the first time they met him. It's always fun to compare our culture to theirs and I could and would ask a hundred different questions about Japan if it didn't get annoying. Jacob loves playing with Luke. He was so excited when he knew he was coming. Almost immediately they started running around and playing. It's crazy to think, the first time that I met Luke, he was Jacob's age. Hatseyo (mom) taught Brenton and I how to make some origami stars and they had authentic Japanese gifts for everyone- it was really nice. We will miss them when they head back to Japan this weekend, and we look forward to their next visit.

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