Friday, August 01, 2008

National Night Out (early)

I am playing catch up with what's been going on around here. Last Sunday, my neighbor and I planned to invite all the neighborhood over for a s'mores night. It was a chance for everyone to get to know the faces and kids of those that live around us. It was basically an early National night out! There were so many kids everywhere! Thankfully, it was our neighbors child's birthday the day before and they had rented a super fun jump house, so most of the kids were piled in there burning off their energy. The older kids started a baseball game across the street and the adults cycled through all the areas making sure their kids were ok. There was also some frog hunting, as you can see Izzy and Kylie captured a baby frog. It was a really fun, and now we feel like we know more people. Brenton even found some other men that like hockey and one that played professional hockey as a goalie.

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