Sunday, August 17, 2008

I need your vote!

I am getting my hair cut on Wednesday before I start work. I figure I better clean up my shaggy mane before I stand in front of 36 preadolescence bodies all day long. So let me know your vote!

A. Short, nearly buzzed (the former Haley Barry style)
B. Middle- above the shoulders, but below the ears (too short for a pony tail)
C. Long- keep the layers, but risk doing a pony tail every day because let's face it, I'm lazy when it come to hair and my hair is not ease friendly!


  1. I vote A, you would look
    beautiful with that style.
    Go for it...

  2. Hey Steph this is Michelle and I vote definitely is sooooo much fun having no hair to deal with! See ya' soon?

  3. Okay, I totally forgot to vote yesterday. I don't know what to say. You have such gorgeous hair, but I know how annoying long hair can be. I wanna say A but then I chicken out. I usually end up with long layers, so if you go with A then you're braver than I. A or C - B might get too poofy with your curly hair.


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