Friday, August 22, 2008


Brenton and I are in a tough spot right now. As much as we are excited about this new teaching position, which starts MONDAY, we are wrestling with child care. For the past 4 years I have been home with the children. We both felt very strongly about this being the best choice for our family at the time. Since this teaching opportunity has come up, this looks like a great opportunity for our family, especially for the long road. I visited a day care center today. To be honest, I was not impressed at all. I also visited a Montessori (center) and it was beautiful! However, the montessori is twice as much as the day care and it doesn't meet all of our time that we need covered, so we would still have to scramble to cover the other times needed. The day care is cheaper, but there is no structured teaching or leading-it's basically a free for all. The saying is true in this case, 'You get what you pay for'. I would list out for you all the pros and cons of both, but my mind is exhausted and down right frustrated with how difficult this process and choice is. Plus, it's family movie night and I am missing out.

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  1. I would say keep searching till you find something that feels right. Logic says to go with the one that meets your hours and is a good price, but that's not the way it works when its about your kids! They deserve the best! Have you asked around at chuch if anyone does a home daycare? I know you don't have time to search though...I will keep racking my brain for ideas.


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