Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It feels like forever since I had a minute to sit at the computer and spew my thoughts out on this journal we all call a blog. I started to work on Monday, that's the biggest news. So far, leaving in the morning has been good. Although, I have been leaving the kids with family and reliable and trusted sitters, so I've known they will be fine. Come next Tuesday when the real fun and craziness begins, who they will be with is still in the air, but we are confident that God will provide. There are some hot leads, one we are excited about, but I can't say anymore until we get that locked in. I guess you will have to come back and read to get more details... :)

Out of all the piles of boxes I am working through in my classroom or hours of teacher's workshops I have been sitting through, NOTHING has been more painful than the 20+ canker soars that have invaded my mouth due to stress! I am convinced that if someone goes to hell, their mouth will be covered in canker soars- these are definitely Eve's fault! It's been so horrible. As if I didn't have enough things to handle, I am constantly squinting in pain from the soars in my mouth. Thankfully, I live next to a dentist! Brian last night prescribed me some "magic mouthwash" and let me tell you, it lives up to it's name! After a minute of swishing it around, my whole inside of my mouth is numb and I get a brief break from the pain. The unfortunate part is, if I eat or drink anything, the pain is back, so basically, I have eaten little to nothing over the past 4 days and that's not a good thing when I need the energy to make it through the long , mind bending days.

But enough about that. This time next week, school will be in full swing and hopefully(God willing) all the little details will be dealt with and I will be able to eat again.

I might sound negative, but I am really excited about teaching. We have a challenging group of 5th grades coming in, but I have a great support of teachers to work and collaborate with.

I have more to update, but I have a date with a little girl in this house to cuddle up and watch Cinderella!

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  1. Ohhh what is the real name of that mouthwash...I had some stuff that was great and helped my canker sores go away fast...but I don't remember the name. Congrats on the job!


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