Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It was a beautiful summer day here today. My mom and I, along with my friend took advantage of the beautiful day and took the kids to the pool. Before we got there, I got Jacob and Isabelle some swimming goggles (ski goggles in Izzy's world of knowledge). Lately, Jacob has been pushing his own limits as about getting his face wet in pools or bath tubs. I thought with goggles, he would be more adventurous and more willing put his head under the water. WOW, was I right!
Besides being really excited about something new (his love language is clearly receiving gifts) he was even more excited about getting to swimming. He immediately put the goggles on when we got back to the van, and I told him he looked like Michael Phelps (it's been a common name around our home lately). He was surprised and excited about looking like him. He even bragged about it to his Nana and his dad. He told Izzy she looked like a rock star in her goggles, another huge compliment since she wants to be Hannah Montana.
As soon as we walked into the pool area, Jacob was stripping his clothes off and begging to go in the pool. Once he got in the water, I kid you not, he was under the water. The first couple of times, he came up coughing as if to take too big a gulp of water and I feared once that the whole pool would be cleared because he puked in it. I tried to coach him with plugging his nose and keeping his mouth closed. After one or two more times, he was good to go. Once we had established how to hold our breathe, he took off under the water and started to swim. I wish I could tell you that I was making that up, but he started doing the breast stroke under the water without any coaching from me. At first, I was scared because he was staying under the water so long, but as I continued to watch him, he was really swimming. WOW -I was so amazed. This summer Jacob has really developed some new skills. I can't believe the baby boy is gone and the big boy has arrived!
For all the things that Jacob likes to do, I think he's happiest and the most content when he is in the water. Could I be raising the next Michael Phelps?... Stay tunned!

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