Sunday, September 21, 2008

And the winner is...

Thank goodness I didn't break a leg today while I acted out a little skit with Brenton at church this morning. It was only a 2-min thing, but you would've thought it was a major broadway production with the number of times I practiced my lines in my head. I am NOT one for getting on stage and playing a part or character. I don't mind being in front of people or even public speaking, but it's the "being in character" that I am bad at. I feel so silly trying to act like someone or be funny at times and getting that timing right. I would rather be naturally goofy and silly rather than make myself fit into this created being. I don't know how actors can do that?

But, we pulled it off, and it went well. I remembered my lines and didn't get too embarrassed trying to portrait a character. I think I would rather be on the behind the scenes crew next time.

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  1. You were awesome babe! It was fun to do something like that together.


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