Monday, September 22, 2008

Day off

I had to get my first sub on Friday. Our nanny (Angie) was sick, and that left me wondering what to do with the children. I assumed this would happen eventually, but I thought it would be more in the winter when everyone feels the need to share the germs they find. I thought about and even tried to find a new place for the kids to go, but after a few failed attempts, I figured staying home would be the best choice. They have had enough shuffling around through different people the last couple of weeks and I didn't want to bring more anxiety and instability into their lives.

I was hoping to sleep in a little since I didn't have to get up and hurry to the shower to get out the door by 7:30, but there was no luck in that. Andrew was up ready to play by 6:45am. We all snuggled for a while, but then quickly got the day going. Since it was a special day for me to be home we decided to go to the MN Zoo. It was a fun day! Usually I dread going to the zoo on my own. There are way too many little bodies weaving in and out to keep an eye on. Anticipating this, I wrote my cell phone number with a Sharpie on the kids arms. In the event that we got separated they would be able to tell a security zoo person what their phone number is. What I realized when we got there was, no one was there. Not many at least- All the kids were in school and those that were not.,were the same age as mine, so all us moms were on the same page as far as letting the beasts run free! The kids were able to run around looking at all the animals and could stay and observe right next to the glass as long as they wanted. I could see them if they ran ahead and lagged behind, so I wasn't so tense or worried about keeping an eye on them 100% of the time. It was fun! We walked the whole thing- which is really spread out and poor Izzy was dragging by the end, since I only brought the stroller for Andrew.

The kids were so good, that we made a special stop at McDonald's before heading home to greet our school aged friends to play outside. It was a beautiful day, and it was so much fun all being together again during the day.

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