Monday, September 29, 2008

Annual orchard day!

I was amazed at the thickness of the branches on the apple trees and at the great number of apples that bunch together on one branch. The branches are holding a lot of weight as all those apples grow a little larger each day. Another one of God's cool and amazing creations, it's no wonder Eve was tempted to eat from this tree, it's just so cool! :)
Saturday was a perfect day for the orchard, it finally felt as if fall had arrived. Brenton had to work, so the kids and I packed up and hit the local apple orchard and pumpkin patch. We have done this every year since Jacob was born, but this year it was the most fun so far becuase they were all more into it. They were excited about picking their own apples and running from one tree to the next to choose the best one. They were also excited about the pumpkins. Usually it's me telling them to sit so I can get a picture, but this year, they jumped right on and were ready for their photo shoot. Here are some of our highlights...

My little farmers!


  1. Ah, apple picking... makes me wish I were back in VA.

    And I love orchard photos! They always make for great framers or Christmas cards.=)

  2. Ok - Drew's outfit and crocs - too cute. Made my day :)


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