Friday, September 05, 2008

Defeat of Jesse James Days

This is a busy weekend here in Northfield. It's the yearly DJJDays! We have been going to this since I can remember and even before that. Northfield was a mjor contributor of ending the James Gang robberies.

The gang barely escaped Northfield, leaving their two dead companions behind, along with two innocent victims (Heywood and a Swedish immigrant from the Millersburg community west of Northfield named Nicholas Gustafson). A massive manhunt ensued. The James brothers eventually split from the others and escaped to Missouri. The Youngers and one other bandit, Charlie Pitts, were soon discovered. A brisk gunfight left Pitts dead and the Youngers all prisoners. The James-Younger Gang was destroyed, except for Frank and Jesse James.

This weekend we will take in some greesy fair food, scary carney rides, and watching the reenactment of the bank robbery. It's a fun time for the whole family. It is the largest volunteer run festival in MN with over 500 volunteers. If you need something to do this weekend, call us up and come on over!

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