Thursday, September 04, 2008

2 vs 2

I have watched some of both of the National conventions. This is probably the only time I have done this. I am NOT a political person. In fact, I avoid conversations about at all costs, mostly because I don't know what either party stands for, so I have no intelligent thought to add to the conversation, and also because in my honest opinion I don't know if I believe politicians ever get anything accomplished without a lot of manipulation and arguing and I don't want any part of that! I am trying hard to be more educated on what each party believes. Obama is a great speaker, but I thought he was promising too much without any action plans. I don't see that he has the proven track record to really do anything great. I do admit, I was mesmerized by his charisma and eloquent presentation. Then I heard Palin talk- I really like her! Not because she is a woman and mom of 5, but I believe she is for people rather than politics and she values families and good morals. McCain is old! I tried to focus on what he was saying, but kept wondering how old he was and if he was about to collapse on the stage. However, I do appreciate his service in the military and his long run in service for this country. He has been through more than Obama- I don't know if that makes him the best choice, but I think I feel more comfortable with someone who has made plenty of mistakes already. Hopefully, he has learned from them and made changes.
In the education world, I am surrounded with Obama fans. In the town we live in, it's rare to find a republican. Its rare in my family to find a democrat. I am being open minded to both right now and trying to think for myself, who I think the best choice is.
So, don't ask me any political questions, because I still don't know how to intelligently engage in the conversation, but I can say that I am trying to learn more, so that I can make the best choice this November.


  1. This is certainly a interesting election and there are some interesting conversations going on within the Christian community. I'll be interested to read your thoughts as you work on discovering the candidates, what they stand for and what the role of government is in the lives of everyday people.


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