Monday, September 01, 2008

No more Bubba

NO MORE Bubba!!! All of our children had soothed themselves with pacifiers. It was to have them to pop in their mouths whenever the volume that escaped them became too loud! The bummer was as night they would lose it and we were up trying to feel around the floor for it so we could walk ourselves back to bed. A week or so back, we lost one while up in Monticello. He successfully fell asleep in the car without it, so we tried again at night. He fell asleep again. Since then we haven't looked back and he has only asked once or twice, "Where is my bubba?" We told him it was all gone, and he was okay with that answer.

I do admit, I miss having the bubba around because he would put it in and cuddle right into my shoulder- I love that! Plus I think babies look so cute with pacifers. But I guess, my baby really isn't a baby anymore.

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