Thursday, September 04, 2008


It never fails. Whenever we leave our house, whether to the neighbor's house or Target, our little Izzy will need to make a trip to the bathroom. I wonder sometimes if she really has to use the bathroom, or if she just likes to know where it is. We need to be strategic about the parks we go to, or the places we visit. If there is no port-a-potty, or some sort of out house, we are not likely to stop, because we have learned, Isabelle will ask to use the bathroom.

I am wondering, does anyone else child have a mild obsession with bathrooms, or is this original to my little princess?


  1. i have the opposite problem--ethan never wants to use the bathroom! he will hold himself and dance around and insist that he does not need to go. not sure about olivia yet. knowing her, she'll probably want to go to the bathroom just to swim in the toilet.

  2. One of my friends (who was a MK kid) works with some refugees. He one time flew about 20 of them from Kenya to Atlanta. This 16 year old boy kept having to use the bathroom, so my friend would escort him over there until the third trip when all the guys had to use the restroom. Well he went in to find out what was "fishy" and here they had never seen an "auto-flush" toilet before and wanted to use it over and over to watch it flush. I assume the same fascination exists for everyone with new experiences :)

  3. My nephew was exactly the same way when he younger. It drove my brother crazy!


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