Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saved $100

Thanks to the Disney channel we just saved $100. The family just finished watching, The Best of Both Worlds- Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana concert! I won't lie, it was fun! And although I never really would spend the money to see one of her concerts, I am considering downloading some of her songs becasue they have a great workout beat to them.

I even started dancing on the last song, The Best of Both Worlds. Izzy did some lip synching, Andrew shook his little body to dance and Jake laid on the floor with his dad not moving or saying a word. I think they didn't want us to know that they really were liking it, because neither one asked for the channel to be changed.

You can call me a late bloomer that I am just now jumping on the Hannah Montana wagon, but she has a lot of pep and I like that!


  1. That is funny. I love the part about Brenton and Jake on the floor.

    You should download them - then share a few with me! haha Wow - good thing no one at Bethel besides me reads your blog :)

  2. I want Brenton to admit that he LOVED it!

    Let me know how those workouts are going!! :)


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