Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hell in the eyes of 5 year olds

Jake's friend (we'll call him Tim) came to me just a minute ago and said,

Tim: "Jake's mom, Jacob just told that because me and mom don't like Jesus, we are going to go the H word"
Me: "Hell?"
Tim: "Yeah, and I don't think that becuase I don't like Jesus and neither does my mom"
Me: "Do you know Jesus?"
Tim: "Yes, I have a picture of him, but I just don't like him'
Me: "Well Tim, Jacob, Izzy, and our whole family loves Jesus and we believe that he loves us and you and your mom and that he created all things, and we love him." We go to church, so we can learn more about him, and you and your mom are invited anytime- we would love to have you come with us."
Tim: "Ok, but I know my mom doesn't like Jesus- and why would Jesus put people in hell?" (Then he ran off to play with Jake)

Oh man, I feel some serious spritual battles coming our way for our kids in this community. It will take an extra amount of knee time to make it through with a solid foundation. Please start praying for our kids as they begin to talk and learn more about who Jesus is.

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  1. Oh Stephanie, I will add your family to my prayer list. It's funny how I have never met you, but have gotten to "know" you through your blog. Blogging is such a funny thing! =) I know how difficult it can be when your kid's friends don't hold the same values that you hold. I will pray that God will give you an extra amount of grace, the wisdom to say the right words, and the boldness to stay strong during battles. Happy New Year!


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