Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I need to get out more

I know my friend Emily is laughing at me right now because I was so impressed with these (new to me) hand dryers. Have you seen these? They are so cool! Brenton and I were blessed with the best gift this year from my in-laws... a date night out with free babysitting(sleepover)!- That's a whole other post, but it was so appreciated!

Anyways, we went out with our great friends for dinner, some Rook at a coffee shop, and then to the movie 7 Pounds (I still don't know if I liked it- it still pops into my head from time to time and I am disturbed). Before entering the movie, my friend and I needed to use the ladies room. Like any other germ freak mom, I washed my hands when I was finished and noticed these spaceship-like things attached to the walls. At first, I thought they were those handy seats for parents to sit and strap their children in while they do what they need to do. But with a second look, I realized they were hand dryers.
You drop your hands all the way down and as you lift them out the WARM air blows downward so when your hands are all the way out they are completely dry. I loved it! I think I tried it 5 times because I was so impressed with them. I usually hate hand blowers, but this is one that I would invest in if I was really going "green" and installed one in my home. It has the coolest name too, the Airblade- it just sounds fun and adventurous!
Anyway, no real content in this post, but I hope you get to experience this cool hand dryer- I will be keeping my eye out for them in all public restrooms- Clearly, I need to get out more!


  1. I just saw those for the first time, too! they were at IKEA. They are a bit weird, but work well!

  2. They were at the airport when Dustin and I went to CA... and I FREAKED out because I thought they were so cool. I talked about it for half of the plane ride... I think Dustin tuned out after about 2 minutes! :)


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