Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My vacation

Another one bites the dust today! Since I started my winter break, everyone has been down and out at least a day with some type of stomach bug. Today it's Izzy. She's on the couch, with random trips to the bathroom with the bucket. It's not fun. As much as it sucks to have sick kids, I guess now is the best time, so I don't have to use my personal days from work to stay home with them. Last New Year's eve, Andrew was throwing up, we seem to be on track to have another "explosive" New Year's celebration, since he is the only one who has not done so yet!
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  1. We are so sorry to see that you are sick, Izzy! We hope you feel better soon. Papa has gotten a bad cold, so he isn't feeling too good either. Love you all!


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