Friday, December 05, 2008

My first win!

Last year was my first experience with coaching of any kind. Having no previous experience, I didn't have a lot of high expectations for what to expect. It drove my coaching partner, Darrell, crazy at the low athletic ability that we had. He has several years of experience all with winning records. So you can imagine when last years group entered the gym, and many had never played bball before. His frustration level was highly elevated. I told Brenton that I played therapist to the head coach more than I coached. I on the other hand was just so happy to be back on the court and trying to learn the vast difference between coaching basketball and playing basketball that I overlooked their inexperience (terribleness- that's being nice) and always tried to look on the bright side. We ended the year only winning 3 games for the A team and my B team never won. We even had a couple games that we didn't score any points at all- sad I know.

But, it's a new year and a new group of girls. On Tuesday, I got my first win as a B team coach!!! The A team lost, and I am the assistant, so I don't count that. My B team however won their first game 6-2!!! No that is not a type-o, and I am sure you are laughing out loud, but we only scored 6 points. Let me clarify- our team only played one half (14 minutes-running time) because the other team (Owatonna) didn't have enough players to play a full game. I was so proud of my girls- they were confused much of the game, but they were coachable and able to make the changes that I asked them to do. YEA!!!

We have another game tonight, so I am hoping for win #2! Go RAIDERS!

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