Friday, December 12, 2008

Stretch marks or scratches?

A conversation in my closet this morning-

Izzy- Mommy, what are those scratches on your side?
Me- Nothing (disgusted)
Jake- Yeah Mommy, why do you have all of those scratches?
Me- Those are not scratches, they are from you two.
Izzy- I didn't scratch you mommy!
Me- No, they are from when you were in my belly, my body had to stretch and it stretched so much it left these scars on my skin, they don't hurt.
Jake- Oh, is that because babies have to scratch their way out of their mommy's belly's?
Me- No, it's just from too much stretching of Mommy's skin
Izzy- Can I have some juice?

At this point I was just so glad to get my shirt on, get their little fingers out of my stretch marks and be done with this conversation. Kids are so good at making you feel good about yourself! I also love when they push on my stomach and laugh- they are so humbling!


  1. LOL that is cute. You have cute children. Kids say the darnest things... hehe

  2. Having just had our fourth baby seven weeks ago; I obviously have some work to do to get myself back in shape. I was feeling pretty good a few days after he was born when our oldest said, “Mommy Kellan Daniel came out of your tummy and now it’s not big. Your tummy’s little like mine!”
    However, last week she came up to me and said, “Mommy, your tummy’s not little, it got big again!” I wanted to cry till my husband reminded me that it’s only been seven weeks :)


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