Monday, December 15, 2008

Sun dog

Did anyone see the sun dog this morning. The benefit of living in a tundra is capturing the awesomeness of God's creativity. I didn't see this myself, but I found it on the news site. I had never heard of a "Sun dog" before, but it's cool.

Def. A sun dog is caused by water vapor that freezes into ice crystals. The sunlight is then refracted by the ice crystals, forming bright rings on either side of the visible sun.

Those rings are supposed to resemble the tails of dogs; hence the name.


  1. We did see it on the way to gymnastics this morning : ) It was really neat and Lauren kept yelling "RAINBOW!"

  2. this kind of looks like the view of a dog's rear end to me but whatever...

    i saw the rainbow this morning and laughed at this crazy climate we live in. a snowstorm and a rainbow in the same day?


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