Thursday, February 05, 2009

Up to our eyeballs

It's been a rough week, and it's only Thursday! The kids have been sick, sick, and sicker. Poor Brenton is taking the brunt of it (bless his heart). He was bathed yesterday (literally from head to waist), not once, but twice with the contents of Andrew's stomach. Jake has been up every night coughing up phlem and running a fever. Izzy was a little down and out on Monday and Tuesday, but was a real trooper yesterday as the boys were laying on daddy all day. I have done what I can, but it's been a busy 2 weeks of basketball for me, having 5 games in 2 weeks, plus practice, and the extra meetings after school this week. We are all feeling it and a little tense at the moment. I woken up with pounding headaches 3 times this week. We are desperate for spring and a chance to run outside in the fresh air. I understand now why my family always took a vacation in the winter time to a warm place when I was young.
So we are pushing through, knowing that next week has to be better than this week, and in the mean time trying not to snap.

This post is a downer, but that's exactly how I am feeling!


  1. Oh friend, my family has the bug too!!

  2. I just hope they get it out of their systems before they come to stay at my house :)


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