Monday, March 02, 2009

An all time low

I think I have reached a new low of nerdiness in my life. At night, around 9pm, I like to crawl into my bed, and let the tv take my mind off the other responsibilities I have. I have grown to love CSI, SVU and ER since they fall in that 9pm time slot. However, over the past couple of weeks, I have turned on our local tv channel and left it there. I have watched church services at the Lutheran churches, city council meetings and school board meetings. They are all dreadfully boring, but for some reason, I have laid in my bed watching these meetings take place. To be honest I have learned a great deal about the community I live in. I have learned of the plans they have for developing areas, local debates, and so much more.
Is this a true sign that I am no longer fun, and have crossed over into the nerdy adult mom stage of life? I hope not- I think I need therapy.
Does anyone else watch their local community tv channel, and secretly like it?


  1. Yup you are a nerd. Have you ever been fun? You for sure need therapy and NO, nobody else watches the local TV channel. Have a great

  2. don't listen to anyone...embrace your nerdiness! I have watched local politics...but this is coming from someone who finds CSPAN fascinating.


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