Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I love FREE, it's my favorite F word! I just came across this, if you are in MN and want to take your kids to a FREE movie on Saturdays at the Mall of America you should check it out, call me first so I can meet you there.


  1. Love the F word too...Ive seen ads about this, but am scared about what kind of crowd I would encounter...let me know if you brave the storm!

  2. More power to you if you venture out!. I have seen the crowds for these free movies at the mall (they have been doing it since new ownership took over) and I cant stomach even if free. Plus they just advertised the Monsters vs Aliens on Kare 11 so I would count on arriving at least an hour early...Dont tell the kids just in case you dont get in, they wont be disappointed! Good Luck!


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