Saturday, March 07, 2009


You wouldn't know by hanging out with my kids right now that we were all (including myself) diagnosed with Strep throat. I woke up barely able to swallow, feeling like someone spent the night beating my head with a hammer, and jamming my ears with spears. Dramatic, yes- but very similar to how I felt.
I was planning on going in to the Dr. alone thinking there is no way the kids have it, they are bouncing off the walls, like usual. Then just moments before I was going to leave, Jacob threw up- He tried to tell me he was choking on a cheese ball, but I knew he didn't have one in his mouth. My children loathe the Dr., they will never tell me when they are sick, because they fear getting a shot.

So, I traveled to the clinic with Jacob only to find out we both indeed had strep. As I sat and listened, I starting wondering if the other 2 children did as well. Andrew has had a couple of rough nights of sleep and Izzy has been extra irritable. We returned home to grab the 2, and sure enough, we are a family of strep. Thankfully, so far, Brenton is not showing any signs of it, which is a good thing since he will be preaching in the morning.
How can I feel so terrible and the kids show no real signs of illness, yet we carry the same thing- that's baffling to me.


  1. My kids just got over strep and I am so glad that I didn't get it. Hope you are all feeling better now!

  2. Oh no!!! Are you guys feeling better?

  3. We got a note home from school that said that Strep is spreading around here like wildfire. Since the end of January, more than 80 cases have been reported at school (and in a small town, that's a lot!) The note also said that kids were not complaining of the normal strep symptoms... some didn't even have a sore throat!


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