Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jammies Houdini

Andrew is a little Houdini. The past few nights he has played in his crib for 1-2 hours at night playing, talking, singing, and figuring out ways to escape his crib and now his jammies! I have gone in several nights to find the little man, naked in his crib. Thankfully, he keeps the diaper on, but his little body is freezing cold when I find him. Someone told me about duct taping the pjs on- but I think that's a little extreme!


  1. i just found olivia out of her jammies yesterday morning. it was actually pretty funny. it was a two piece jammie set and she got the shirt off and had the pants inside out around her ankles. she couldn't figure out how to get them all the way off. she was pleased when i came in to rescue her from her predicament. :)

  2. If you are putting a sleeper on him w/o feet, put it on backwards and zip it up. We had to do that with my last little one.


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